Inofita facility
Inofita facility
The main production unit for most of the PepsiCo-Ivi products is located in Inofyta, in the Viotia prefecture. This peak technology plant started operating in 1998. In an area exceeding 80 acres, installations over 16 acres wide include not only the production lines but also large warehouses for all of our products.

The main production unit in Inofyta was especially designed to ensure high production Quality at a high speed, while maintaining top-level safety standards and environmental protection. You may read more about these standards, by clicking on: Quality and safety and Environmental Policy.

There are 4 production lines in the Inofyta plant:

  • The returnable glass bottles line,
  • The canned products line,
  • The non-returnable bottles line,
  • The PET bottles line

In Inofyta we also bottle beverages in a concentrated form, sold to facilities that use special serving equipment. Such facilities include fast-food restaurants, cinemas, sports courts etc.

Production process

The first stage is water processing in specially designed water tanks, ensuring top standards in terms of microbiological and Quality determinants. Most of our products contain water in an amount exceeding 80% of volume. Therefore, water is the primary ingredient in our production lines. The Hellenic National Water Company provides water directly from the lakes of Yliki and Mornos; these lakes also provide water to the whole Athens basin. However, we process water in two phases:

  • During the first phase, we apply the same process applied by the national water company
  • During the second phase we reduce alkalinity and the microbial load.
The second stage takes place in the production area where our trained personnel mixes sugar and the rest of the ingredients for each product, like concentrate Pepsi, 7up, orange, etc. All processes are fully automated and computer assisted.
During the third stage, water and carbonate are added, and therefore, the product is ready.

The PET bottles

PET is one of the most widely used packaging materials in the beverage industry. In our plant, PET is produced from raw material that arrives in the form and size of a testing tube. This tube is heated in a specially designed oven and then pumped with high-pressurized air in specially designed moulds.

After having taken their final shape, PET bottles:

  • Are washed
  • Are filled with beverage in the filling machine
  • Move to a machine that places the cap
  • Undergo level control
  • Go through a machine that places the right label on each bottle. The label contains all the necessary information about our products, including ingredients, storage instructions, production plant etc.
  • Then, the production codes and expiry dates are imprinted on the bottle for each product. From the production code we can find out when and at what time the bottling took place. Therefore, we can detect all the raw material used and track all the controls performed for this particular batch.

The peak technology PET production line has a capacity to produce 14,000lt per hour.

Glass bottle

Also known as RB by the initials: ‘Returnable Bottle’, the glass bottle is filled after undergoing the following process:

  • Washing and sterilizing in high temperature
  • Electronic optic control to ensure absolute cleanliness and transparency
  • Filling
  • Cap and label placement

The RB production line has a capacity to produce 9,000lt per hour.

In the Inofyta plant we also have a production line for NRB – Non-Returnable Bottles. This line has the capacity to produce 6,000lt per hour.


A special production line is designed for canned beverages, whose speed reaches up to 26,000lt per hour. This line produces all canned PepsiCo-Ivi products as well as the innovative LIPTON ICE TEA recently introduced in the Greek market.

From that point on, all the production lines follow the processes described below:

  • Packaging in all different kinds of packs
  • Storing in palettes and then in warehouses
  • Distribution
In the Inofyta plant, we have designed a pioneering warehousing system. This is the starting point of our distribution network that covers the whole country.

In Inofyta we have also installed a fully equipped Quality control laboratory, run by specialized scientific personnel that monitor every stage of the production process. All microbiological and chemical analyses are conducted here, regarding raw material, final products as well as bottling and packaging materials. All experts follow the strict, high Quality standards set by PEPSICO for all its production units around the world.

The perfect look and taste and the impeccable Quality of all the products coming from our plants are the keys to an effective promotion and a privileged placement in all the market channels. These two factors prove the respect PepsiCo-Ivi shows to its customers and to all the consumers.

In the Inofyta plant:
  • Production process is certified according to the ISO 9001 standards
  • The environmental management system is certified according to the ISO 14001 standards
  • The food safety management system is certified according to the FSSC 22000 standards.

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