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Our Customers

Our customers are the key to our success. They stand for the value of our products. This is why we believe in close, friendly collaborations with every customer in person; we strive to build trustworthy, long lasting relationships and we work for mutual success.

In PepsiCo-Ivi, we owe our fast paced development to our customer-focused orientation. We aim at enhancing our employees’ entrepreneurial spirit in every opportunity. Our success is due to the daily transactions and interactions our sales forces conduct with every customer, face to face.

In Greece, the largest amount of PEPSICO products are sold either directly or via wholesalers to retail chains, kiosks, cantinas, restaurants, hotels and other small or large scale companies. By supporting the growth of our customers, we ensure our own growth. This is why we provide a series of services that contribute to mutual progress.

These services include proven methods not only for the Pepsico-Ivi product sales growth, but also for the overall beverage category growth as well. Along with powerful merchandising and marketing programs, that come with a company of the size and know-how of Pepsico-Ivi, our sales teams tailor merchandising and marketing programs, store by store, to meet the individual needs of our customers and to exceed their expectations. Personal, exclusive support is the hallmark of our workforce.

Ultimately, our goal is to help our customers grow their beverage business by making our strong product line-up readily available to consumers, building excitement around our products, drawing household shoppers and thirsty consumers to our “take-home” and cold drink displays. We also encourage product sampling in the point of sales.

Our exports

PepsiCo-Ivi offers a full range of top quality, world class products, thus having the potential to export in many countries.
For decades now, exports are a fundamental part of our business activities. Among our most popular products is IVI brand including natural juices and soft drinks that are being exported worldwide.

Customer Service Line

Contact PepsiCo-IVI (only for Greece)
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