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Our People

peopleOur goal is to assign the right person to the right position. We always look for people who are passionate about their work, committed to their goals and respectful to others. We also apply the following principles regarding human resources management:
  • Continuity and consistency: we continuously offer incentives and challenges to our entire workforce. We give people the opportunity to substantially contribute to the long-term growth of our company, by applying our policies and strategies.
  • Constant development: The evolution, progress and lifelong education of our people are the core of our human resources management philosophy. We aim at developing talented people to lead our development and manage our business. We strongly believe that people development and business growth go together.
  • Long-term perspective: We ensure that every employee has the tools and opportunities to build a career in all aspects and sectors of PepsiCo-Ivi. Thus, an individual with potential can acquire precious experience in areas like Sales, Production, Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources Management. At the same time, we encourage our people to pursue a career abroad.

Overall, the development of our human assets and a productive, respectful working environment are our primary aims that pervade our everyday thoughts and decisions. This is the only way for PepsiCo-Ivi to ensure both short and long-term results.
Do you have an unquenchable spirit for success? We have an unquenchable thirst for people with ambition and potential. Check out our job offers and send us your resume. more

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